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Storage and Moving Tips and Tricks


With Storage Facliities across Adelaide South Australia (SA) you will easiliy find a location that best suits your requirements.  Here's a few handy tips and hints to consider when packing, moving and storing your furniture, valuables and personal effects in a Self Storage 2000 Storage Unit.



Place large items at the base of your storage unit as these provide a good base to put lighter items on.  When placing your furniture into our storage units, covering your items will provide additional protection against dust and dismantling furniture helps save on space. Stacking chairs seat-to-seat can save space but remember to place cloth or paper between each seat.  Large items such as couches can be placed on their end to save space but avoid placing heavy items on top.



Separately wrap each item before storing in packing boxes and avoid placing heavy items on top! It is a good idea to place paper on the bottom of the carton and on top to prevent the carton from caving in.  Plates, saucers and bowls on their sides. When packing cups and mugs pack the centre with extra paper for stability. And of course always clearly label cartons that are filled with breakables as 'FRAGILE'.


Books & Valuables

Archive file boxes are the best for important documents as they are sturdy and enable easy retrieval. For books and crockery we suggest using smaller boxes and recommend that you avoid overfilling cartons. This prevents your precious items falling through the base of the cartons.



An alternative to storing your clothing in boxes is a Porta-Robe. These allow you to store your clothing on hangers which preserves the shape of your garments. Porta-Robes are on sale at Storage 2000 Facilities.


If your storing your goods in a self storage unit for the first time and your uncertain about how to go about it, please don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff for some advice.  Self Storage 2000 has been helping and advising customers for almost 2 decades and over that time we have learnt a thing or two about storing furniture in storage units.  Remember we are here to help :)

Moving Checklist

Feel free to print this to assist you with your move.

Have you made arrangements for your pets?
Asked for final accounts for electricity, gas, telephone, etc?
Cancelled all rental agreements?
Told your solicitor, bank, doctor you are going?
Notified your insurance company?
Cancelled milk and newspaper deliveries?
Redirected subscriptions to magazines?
Redirected your mail with Australia Post?
Prepared an inventory for yourself?
Separated important documents and keys to take?
Defrosted the fridge and freezer?
Cleared out the garage or shed?
Cancelled pay television at your current address?

Stoage Units

Stoage Units

Stoage Units

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