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Established for more than two decades, Self Storage 2000 Salisbury has become a leader in Self Storage Solutions in Adelaide's Northern suburbs. This Award Winning Storage Facility prides itself on Affordable, Secure, Convenient Self Storage with friendly service and is also a proud member of the Self Storage Association Of Australia.
Many of our customers come from surrounding suburbs such as Mawson Lakes, Golden Grove and Elizabeth which are highly residential housing areas. Word of mouth has instilled confidence in our clients who are often willing to travel a little further for peace of mind and security.

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Self Storage Salisbury, Adelaide

Self Storage 2000
34 Barndioota Road, Salisbury SA 5109

08 8282 5954
08 8282 5989

Office & Access Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm
Saturdays 8.30am to 12.30pm
Closed Public Holidays

Extended access times available for initial move in.

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Salisbury Pricing

* Discounts for 2nd Floor units - 20% to 30% off.

Size in Metres Volume in Metres $/ Week
Gst Inc
1.1m 1m 3m 3.5 cubic metres $11.50 Book
1.4m 1.45m 3m 6 cubic metres $17 Book
1.3m 2.3m 3m 9 cubic metres $20 Book
1.8m 2.5m 3m 13 cubic metres $25.50 Book
1.8m 2.8m 3m 15 cubic metres $28 Book
2m 3m 3m 18 cubic metres $35 Book
2m 3.33m 3m 20 cubic metres $37 Book
2.5m 3.1m 3m 23 cubic metres $41 Book
2.5m 3.33m 3m 25 cubic metres $44.50 Book
3m 3.4m 3m 30 cubic metres $52.50 Book
2.4m 6m 2.4m 33 (20ft container) $54.50 Book
3.5m 3.33m 3m 35 cubic metres $58 Book
3.33m 4m 3m 40 cubic metres $64.50 Book
3.5m 5m 3m 53 cubic metres $77.50 Book
2.4m 12m 2.4m 66 (40ft container) from $75 Book
9m 21m 3.5m 190 sqm (Warehouse) from $300 Book

* Discounts for 2nd Floor units - 20% to 30% off.

Warehouses For Rent

Warehouse sheds 190sq mtrs POA.

Self Storage in Shipping Containers

20ft and 40ft Shipping Containers. Shipping containers are ideal for car storage & other vehicle storage, work equipment storage and storage of business stock as well as storage for office or home furniture. As you can see from the storage pricing they are a very cost effective storage option.

Short or Long Term Storage

For long term storage we offer up to 10% discount on our standard rates.

Size Guide
1x2 Storage Unit
A 1.5m x 1.5m x 3m Storage Unit is great for storing 1 room worth of belongings.

1x3 Storage Unit
A 1.5m x 3m x 3m space is excellent for storing 2 to 3 rooms worth of goods.

3x3 Storage Unit
A 3m x 3m x 3m unit is ideal for storing the contents of a 2 bedroom home or half a house. This unit can also be fitted with shelves for convenient storage and retrieval of business files.

6x3 Storage Unit
The largest of our sizes - a 6m x 3m x 3m will hold most 3 to 4 bedroom homes. Or businesses often use this size unit for storing stock or large quantities of files.
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